Precision as the law of series production


Whether prototypes or series, the processing steps are similar in both cases. Here, too, PTS focuses on media-carrying components, assemblies, or complex exhaust systems. Small series are used in racing, while PTS manufactures larger series for the automotive and commercial vehicle industries.


Kleinserien_MercedesPTS supplies the automotive industry in series with:

•   Middle silencers

•   Rear silencers

•   Manifolds

•   Oil tanks

•   Exhaust trims

•   Running boards

•   Injection systems

•   Chassis parts

•   Fuel lines

•   Pipes/tubes

•   Exhaust pipes

•   Complete exhaust systems / assemblies

•   Fuel cell assemblies

Complete exhaust systems as assemblies for the automotive industry


Production success series

... and every series is a complete success - with the expertise of PTS-Systemtechnik.

Exhaust and chassis parts series that meet the highest standards