Material professionally brought into shape


14_15_ladeluftrohr_rennsport_alu_bmwRegardless of whether it is exhaust or chassis parts, PTS uses effective and economical processing technology for all line assemblies to achieve high-quality results that meet requirements over the long term.


For the forming of pipe ends, PTS relies exclusively on the most innovative plant technology. Turning and milling machines or even multi-axis machining centers are used for the machining of tools and devices. A hose press with various tool diameters is available for processing hoses and pipes.

No production day is like the other

... but there is a system behind every move.

Perfectly equipped for highest quality

Suitable printing, forming, and trimming machines are just as indispensable for the continuous processing as the corresponding drawing presses or tube perforating systems.


Flexible 2D and 3D laser cutting processing is ideally suited for small to medium batch sizes, as well as for frequent component changes. PTS has state-of-the-art laser cutting technologies at its disposal and can achieve extremely productive and reliable high-quality results.


PTS is perfectly equipped to optimally meet all the demands placed on your new prototype or your future series components.


State-of-the-art technologies for all “curve positions”


Hydroforming is just one example of the professional technology that is used at PTS: First, straight or preformed tubes are placed in a tool which remains closed during the forming process. An appropriate internal pressure (medium: water-oil emulsion) is then used for forming, the material is continuously fed, and the repeatability ensures accurate results.


The internal pressure sometimes amounts to more than thousand bars. PTS also takes care of the programming and milling of the corresponding tools.